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Diva Dolls by Phyllis

Cloth and Mixed Media Art Dolls Handcrafted with Love

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Challenge and Contest Dolls
 Collection of Challenge and Contest dolls all handcrafted with love. These dolls are not for sale. However, if you see something you like, email me for your very own custom doll. Please keep in mind that no 2 dolls are a like. Contact Me

Rosetta – a Judi Ward pattern and online

contest Cloth Version

Rosetta won beginners first place in the contest

and is featured in the April/May2007 issue of Soft Doll

& Animal magazine. Rosetta’s gown is made of

fabric with Rose design.

 Tassel Doll Challenge – Suzy an original design.

Suzy’s skirt is made of the fringe portion of a tassel,

limbs are made of polymer clay and her hair is made

of the braid portion of the tassel with rhinestones

attached. She is mounted on her stand with wooden dowels.

Doll in a Container Challenge – Clarissa the

time keeper an original design Clarissa is

perched on her sit inside of her clock house

keeping watch of time, surrounded by clocks.


Gourd Doll Challenge – Gourdella the Bride an original design by Phyllis Chism

Her dress is wood burned on her body and painted.

She is sporting a floor length veil made of organza.

Her head and hands are made from polymer clay.

Hair is needle felted.

 Flower Doll Challenge – Marie an original design 

Marie’s body is a flower arrangement in a bottle.

The flowers are held in place using water gel. Her

petal covered head is cloth sculpted and she is

wearing an organza skirt.


Valentine Challenge




Beaded Doll Challenge – Annie my

interpretation of Patti Maderis Culea pattern

Annie has lots of free form beading, to include hand beaded shoes. Annie sits eloquently on her throne wearing her tiara, hand painted top and beaded tattoos.


 Betty Jean – a Judi Ward pattern and online

contest Antiique wooden Version

Betty Jean won beginner's first place in the





Tina the Garden Fairy doll made from a

pattern by Sherry Goshon. Tina has a polymer clay

face, and Felt wings.


Candlestick Doll Challenge – Lucy an original design.

Lucy is made of a candle stick holder flipped upside down.

Her skirt is the top part of the candlestick with nylon netting, sleeves are made of ribbon and her limbs are polymer clay.

Lucy hair is crocheted with fun yarn and she is wearing handmade leather sandals.

Christmas Grab Bag Doll Challenge – Leonardo an original design.  Leonardo was handcrafted using the contents of the bag. The handmade hat and feather were added to set his wardrobe off. Hs face, hands and feet were sculpted from polymer clay.

Nature Challenge - The Tree Girl Sisters